What is The Stump made of?

Extremely Durable, UV Stabilized Polyethylene

How long will it take to assemble to The Stump (excluding windows)?

Each model of The Stump will take different lengths of time, but not any model should take over 30 minutes to assemble.

How do I elevate The Stump?

The steel plate is specifically designed for elevation of the Stump. It is made to hold 4×4 green treated posts, which elevate your Stump.

How high can The Stump be elevated?

We recommend not going higher than 10 ft. to the base of the Stump. That would put you 14-16 ft. at eye level.

Why do we use 4 x4 treated posts rather than metal legs?

Customer satisfaction! Less cost, Less Shipping costs, Adjustable height!

Do I need to cross brace the 4 x 4 posts?

Yes. It is essential that you cross brace for added stability. *The outriggers add stability as well.

How do you ship The Stump?

The size of the stand requires it to come commercial freight truck. All rates vary depending on location. Please call for exact shipping price.

Can The Stump be delivered to my house?

Yes, but freight companies charge extra to deliver to residential areas. If you can find a commercial business address to deliver to, you can help keep costs down.

How do I become a dealer?

Call for dealer details. We do require a Tax ID Number.

Can we buy direct from the factory?

We are extremely loyal to our dealers, so if you have a dealer in your area, give them a call. If no dealer is within a practical driving distance, then give us a call direct, we will surely take care of you.

How do I fasten The Stump to the ground?

The Stump is designed to have 4 vertical legs for maximum strength. With that being said, this design does require you to dig 4 holes and bury your posts into the ground. An earth anchor can also be used to attach to the ground. If you are placing The Stump in climates that get below freezing, be sure to bury your posts below the suggested frost line.

Do I need to cement in the 4 x 4 posts?

No, back filling will be sufficient. However it never hurts to use cement for added strength.

What if my soil is all rock and I can’t dig holes?

No problem, we have designed two options for you. 1. Our outriggers allow you to elevate a stump and not have to dig your legs into the ground. The Outriggers create 4 slanted legs (off your four main legs) to give a wider base and stabilize the stand. 2. You can go with The Stump trailer, which allows The Stump to be mobile and no digging is needed.

Does snow load affect the roof?

No. We live and hunt in the snow country of Minnesota so we made sure in our design that it can take on the snow load.

Does The Stump have a warranty?

Yes. A 5-year limited manufactures warranty on The Stump.

How do the windows work?

The Stump windows swing silently to the inside on Cabinet style hinges.

Is it loud inside when you fire a gun?

No, as long as the muzzle of the gun is sticking outside the window. With that being said, it is always recommended to wear ear protection when shooting a gun.

Can I Bow Hunt from The Stump?

Yes. The Stump 3 man and the 4 man are designed with the bow hunter in mind. The 1-man is too small for a bow hunter.

Can I shoot a cross bow out of The Stump?

Yes, but only the 3 man and 4 man. The 1-man is too small.

What Colors Does the Stump Come in?

We currently offer 2 colors for all of our Stump models – Alpine Green or Weathered Wood. The Polyethylene material is a material you can paint for camouflaging The Stump.

Can I lock the Stump?

We offer a locking door handle as an option to purchase .

Can I use a heater in The Stump?

If it is approved for indoor use, then you can use it in The Stump.

How tall is it in the inside of The Stump?

Stump 1 – 76″

Stump 2 – 78″

Stump 3 – 78″

Stump 4 – 80″

How many people does it take to set up The Stump?

2 or more people should cover most situations. It all depends on how high you are going and the terrain you are putting it up on. Tractors work great too!